The Trust Edge Book Read


We Want Your Help and Partnership in The Trust Edge

We need the greater Proctor community’s help to reinforce trust throughout our district. During the strategic planning process, we created an atmosphere where we had all stakeholders committed to a common goal - providing the best educational opportunities for our most valuable resource, our children. During the pandemic, we may have lost some of that momentum. The school board would like to engage everyone in a book study of The Trust Edge. David Horsager’s book will guide us as we have frank, honest conversations about what it takes to reinforce and maintain trust.

This will only work if we have community and staff involvement. We will examine the pillars of trust and what that means for our district. If you want a book and want to engage in this process, please contact Lori Johnson in the District Office.  For more information, feel free to email Superintendent John Engelking or call 218-390-9860

The read examines the eight pillars of trust from David Horsager’s book, The Trust Edge. These eight pillars also appear in the Proctor Public Schools’ Briefs and Values. We value our community’s support and partnership and welcome you to join us in this journey.


David Horsager


The Trust Edge Community Book Read is an opportunity for our School Board to partner with faculty, staff, and the community to discuss how the 8 Pillars of Trust can change our school community's dynamics and personal lives.  We will meet via Zoom format on the first Monday of each month.

For information and the agenda for each monthly session, access the links below.