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Indoor Mask Required Beginning 8-9-21
Beginning August 9th, Proctor Public School will be requiring masks be worn in all indoor facilities.
Health Screening App for Parents and Guardians
We are incredibly excited to offer this app to our District. I apologize for the late roll-out of our health screening app, but the demand for this product has caused delays with our setup. We depend on the partnership of our faculty, staff, and parents to monitor potential symptoms before leaving for school each day. Thank you for helping make our schools be Rail Safe!
Access the Safe Return to In-person Learning Plan
Access the Summer Preparedness COVID Response Plan - SUMMER RAILSAFE PLAN
Strategic Planning 2019-2020
WDIO ABC Affiliate Promotional Video
Enjoy this promotional commercial airing on local Duluth, Minnesota ABC, NBC, and CBS affiliates
The Science of Teaching
Educational research asserts that teachers are the key to great schools and the number one catalyst to improve student learning. As a teacher, I didn't have access to student performance data, other than report cards and feedback from other teachers and colleagues
Welcome 2014-2015
Welcome back to the 2014-2015 school year. As the summer festivals and family vacations begin to wind down, it’s time to start thinking about the first day of school and a new school year. For me, it is a time that resonates with optimism for the future as I anticipate a new class of students in our halls.
Mobile App Introduced
Recognizing trends in social technology and the unprecedented use of smartphones and tablet devices, Proctor Schools has elected to become part of the mobile sphere to better connect and collaborate with the majority of their stakeholders.
School Matter, Facilities Changes 5-2-14
We have lots of exciting facilities changes planned of the 2014-2015 Academic Year!
At Bay View, we will be moving into a new academic wing, demolishing the older portion of the building and replacing the building with a new multipurpose building, and remodeling the entry way and office area of Bay View.
Expanded Opportunities for Elementary Schools
During this past year, most of our investment in digital engagement has been focused on our middle and high school students. The greatest part of that investment has been in our iPad deployment for students in grades 7-9. That investment was strategically placed in grades 7-9 to help engage students in digital environments in which they thrive natively and to improve academic achievement in our middle school.
Control vs Creativity
K-12 schools, colleges and universities on a global stature are investing dollars and human resources to capture the creativity of their students and the limitless access to digital information that comes with digital engagement. As schools invest in digital engagement and in technology infrastructures, new issues have emerged.
Creating Learning Environments Which Inspire Students
One of my passions in education is to create learning environments which are engaging for our students and get them excited and ready to learn. With the digital opportunities and resources that educators have at their finger tips, this is truly a time for all of us to explore the powerful world of digital engagement in our classrooms and in the lives of our students.
Enhancements to Digital Environments
Expanding Opportunities First of all, we are re-branding our efforts to focus on “Digital Engagement” rather the device we use with students. Beginning today, we will no longer refer to our efforts as our “iPad Initiative”, because it is much, much more than the device.