Homebound Procedures for Quarantine and Isolation

Procedures and Guidelines for 

Homebound and Distance Learning

For Students in Quarantine or Isolation

As we get ready for the start of the school year, I am excited to bring all of our students back to school five days per week. I have received questions about how we will support our students who may need to isolate or quarantine. We plan to provide support through the process we use for our homebound students. I have been clear about what this might look like, but there are always the "what if" questions, so I wanted to share information from the MDE with you.

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We will be using the procedures and guidance from the MDE and our expertise as educators in crisis and pandemic mode to support our students who may need to be away from school. We learned much last year, and we are prepared to tackle any challenge related to delivering instruction. Additionally, all of our students have been assigned a Chromebook to access any digital instruction or curriculum materials.

Proctor Public Schools will be using the following procedures for homebound students. 

MDE Guidance and Rules

Information for districts and charters that do not have online or blended programs.

Districts/charters that are not fully-approved or provisionally-approved online providers and experience COVID-19 cases or close contacts who cannot attend in-person instruction can choose to:

  • Use homebound instruction for individual students, small groups of students, or classes. Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) has updated the definition of homebound for purposes of generating student membership and state aid. Previously homebound instruction was available only to individual students. It has been updated to reflect the current state of the pandemic to allow for situations where individual students, small groups, or classes need to quarantine. In these cases, synchronous or asynchronous instruction can be provided virtually. When a whole class is temporarily moved to online learning through homebound instruction, it is strongly recommended that districts maintain a full instructional day that includes both synchronous and asynchronous instruction for students per local policies and plans. Districts are responsible for maintaining local records for documenting instances of quarantine and instruction provided.

  • Use up to 30 total instructional days throughout the course of the entire school year for temporary shifts to online learning at the grade, school, or LEA-wide level. If there is a need to exceed the 30-day maximum, MDE is working to establish a process to submit information for the approval of additional days from MDE. Details on this process will be communicated soon.

John Engelking, Superinentendent of School - 9-3-21