For Parents

Proctor Public Schools is working hard to provide our students with the best educational opportunities that we can during the COVID-19 pandemic. As every year, we promise the families of Proctor Public School that we will Educate, Engage, and Inspire.

The teachers, principals, and the Director of Curriculum have worked many hours planning, preparing, and discussing what learning will look like in all models of instruction.

At the start of the school year, Proctor Public Schools implemented two learning models. The elementary schools opened in the hybrid model. This provided our youngest learners the opportunity to be in school 2 days a week and distance learning on the opposite days with learning activities provided by the teacher. The secondary schools opened with a distance learning model with in-person support. Students have had live instruction with a teacher two days a week with asynchronous learning opportunities the opposite days. Secondary students along with the highest need students at the elementary were provided opportunities to attend in-person learning on a scheduled basis.

We have worked to bring clarity to what is expected at all levels.  Teachers have been provided Expected Use In Practice documents as a framework for the current model of instruction at their level. These documents clarify Planning/Preparation, Instruction, and Communication expectations. Site principals use these documents with their faculty as a guide for successful implementation. 

Fall 2020 Expected Use in Practice Documents:

Elementary Hybrid Learning Expected Use in Practice

Elementary Distance Learning Only Expected Use in Practice

Secondary Distance Learning Expected Use in Practice ​​​​​​​

Principals and teachers are working together to provide clarity for the students as well.  Weekly newsletters are sent out describing what the learning experience will be for our students. Teachers work with families to ensure engagement in learning is successful and support each individual family with learning resources, ensuring technology is working, and providing time to answer questions and support concerns. Consistent learning management systems have been implemented to support our families along with fewer, yet more consistent learning applications.

Kindergarten through Grade 2 students use SeeSaw.

Grade 3 through Grade 5 students use Google Classroom

Grade 6 through Grade 12 students use CANVAS

Across all grade levels, students meet daily as a class/advisory group to check in with each other. This is time to provide social-emotional lessons and Railstrong themed instruction. Teachers use this time for students to gather as a class and create classroom culture. Mondays have been provided for teachers to build lessons, provide feedback on learning, and support each other.

Throughout the days Tuesday through Friday, all students will be provided with live instruction/contact with their teacher. Students will be expected to be present during this instruction and student contact time.  This may be in the form of live Google Meet sessions (synchronous instruction) or in-person instruction within the hybrid model. Teachers will also have the ability to arrange for in-person meetings to provide support, hands-on labs, or practice opportunities for various courses at the secondary level.   

Students who need additional support for academics will be provided one-on-one or small group instruction on a scheduled basis.  Interventionists will continue to provide this support throughout the school year. Students on an IEP will work closely with the special education case managers to set up a weekly schedule that meets both the students’ academic needs as well as IEP guidelines.  This will look different for each individual student from all in-person support, one-on-one para support to synchronous and asynchronous instruction.  

Teachers will continue to participate in weekly learning teams to review and reflect upon the students’ level of mastery of grade-level/content essential outcomes.  Baseline assessments will be modified this fall and results will be used to guide tier-one instructional plans. Site leadership teams will work together to identify any instructional support needed at the site and areas of focus to ensure that all students receive an equitable learning experience. 

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns. We will keep you posted with any changes and updates to the learning plans as the year progresses.

Take care,

Judi Vitito

Director of Curriculum and Learning


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