Check & Connect

Proctor Public Schools are proud to announce our participation in Check & Connect beginning with the 2021-2022 academic year.

Check & Connect is an intervention used with K-12 students who show warning signs of disengagement with school and who are at risk of dropping out. At the core of Check & Connect is a trusting relationship between the student and a caring, trained mentor who both advocates for and challenges the student to keep education salient. Students are referred to Check & Connect when they show warning signs of disengaging from school, such as poor attendance, behavioral issues, and/or low grades.

check and connect words

Since beginning Check & Connect implementation in St. Louis County in September 2021, 38 mentors have been hired, serving 740 students across 28 schools.

Since the start of our program, we have seen a 58% decrease in absences and a 54% decrease in suspensions.

In the beginning months of the 2021-22 school year, Mentors established relationships with students, their families, and the school staff with which they work on a daily basis. We have seen over 1,900 hours of direct support to students, as well as collaborating with school staff, working with school teams to appropriately identify students for Check & Connect, building relationships with families, attending professional development, and more!

We look forward to reflecting on the baseline data reports as we continue to support mentors and students in engaging with school and learning.