ATPPS Proctor Public Schools ISD #704

(Alternative Teacher Performance Pay System)

Welcome to the Proctor ATPPS (QComp) site! Proctor has been an ATPPS school since 2006; we are the 23rd school district in Minnesota to participate in ATPPS.

The following is a list of the members of the advisory council oversee the approved plan of our Proctor program.

Advisory Council Member - Site

  • Mark Hagemeyer -- District Coordinator

  • Thereasa Hansmeier -- Bay View Elementary Site Manager

  • Emily Vos -- Bay View Elementary Site Manager

  • Renee Pedersen -- Pike Lake Elementary Site Manager

  • Nicole Appelwick -- JMS Site Manager

  • Betsy Allen -- Special Education Representative

  • Gordon Westendorf -- PHS Site Manager

  • Jeff Gunderson -- PHS Site Manager

  • Elizabeth Proepper -- EdMN Representative

  • David McNamee -- SD/AC At-large Representative

  • Rotating Administrative Representative

  • * Mark Hughes -- PL Principal; Diane Morin -- BV Principal; Joe Krasselt -- BV Assistant Principal; Tim Rohweder -- HS Principal; John Awsumb -- MS Principal;  Judi Vitito -- Director of Curriculum and LearningKerry Juntunen -- Superintendent

Please contact Mark Hagemeyer at 218-520-2983 or 218-524-9758

Current ATPPS/QCOMP Plan

Faculty/Staff Frequently Used Documents