students at a book vending machine

Thanks to the vision of the Community Education Director, Kristal Berg, Pike Lake and Bay View Elementary Schools have new book vending machines.  The concept isn’t new, but it’s new for our students, and they are thrilled to see the machines in our schools.  Funding for the project comes from Community Education with the support of our PIE Committees and the REA3D Foundation.  Students have been excited to purchase books, but there is one big twist for our students.  Students need to earn special tokens to “purchase” a book.  Lots of thought about equity has been put into earning tokens, and we are excited to help students expand on their love of reading.


In addition to our new book vending machines, we are announcing our Scholastic Spring Book Fair from May 6th - to May 13th.  On May 6, teachers will receive a gift certificate for every student in their classes.  The gift certificate is worth up to $10.00 for a book of that student's choosing.  If the book the student selects is more than $10.00, the student must pay the balance.  A special thanks to PIE, our elementary teachers, and Lynn Peterson for their dedication to our Book Fairs.