Eagle in flight

 (Eagle picture taken by Rob Marohn’s trail-cam at the Pike Lake School Forest)

Rob Marohn and His Pike Lake 4th Graders Get in Touch with Nature and Phenology!

Pike Lake 4th Grade instructor Rob Marohn has a passion for nature and the out-of-doors.  He has taken that love of nature directly to his students by creating a Phenology class.  Phenology is the study of nature, especially in relation to climate, plant, and animal life.  For example, buds form on plants as temperatures warm in the spring.  Deciduous trees and shrubs lose their leaves as temperatures cool in the fall and become dormant.

 Think about the changes where you live that tell you spring is almost here.  In Mr. Marohn’s class, his students make observations about the changing world around them.  For the past two years, Mr. Marohn’s class has been featured on KAXE Radio with other schools from around the region.  We welcome you to take some time and listen to Zoe read off a fantastic report for this week’s Phenology Report.