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New Eligibility Requirements Announced for 2014-2015


    Next fall there will be new eligibility requirements for student athletes. These new eligibility requirements will prevent loop holes and ways to get around the rules. Past rules made it too easy to allow players to play that shouldn't have.

    The new requirement is just a straight up grade point average. Student athletes have to maintain at least a 1.75 GPA in order to meet the requirement. If, at the end of a quarter, the athletes GPA is under a 1.75, they will be on "probation". This allows the athlete another quarter to get their grades above the requirement. When on probation, the student is still eligible to play.

    There will be a letter sent home to make sure the student and parents understand the consequences if the student doesn’t get their GPA up.  If the next quarter comes around, and the athlete is still falling below a 1.75, they will go on suspension for the next quarter. This restricts the athlete from playing in any game.

    Coaches made the decision to change the requirements. They have the right to make their own GPA requirement for their team as long as its above a 1.75.

    This is a great way to ensure that students are putting academics before athletics.  These new requirments were passed by the School Board recently.  For any additional information or questions contact AD Rory Johnson at 628 - 4926 ext 1029.

Fawcett All Area Player of the Year

    By Logan Ecklund

    This years Duluth News Tribune all-area prep girls hockey player of the year award was given to Reilly Fawcett, the senior captain for the 2013-2014 Proctor-Hermantown Mirage.

    Fawcett led her team to the MSHSL state tournament this year with a total of 32 goals and 35 assists for a total of 67 points, a mark that lead all of Northeastern Minnesota girls hockey players.

    Along with her great success on the ice, Reilly was also awarded the Herb Brooks award at the conclusion of the girls state hockey tournament for demonstrating the exceptional values, characteristics, and traits that Herb Brooks possessed. By receiving this award it not only showed Reilly’s exceptional talent on the ice, but also the truly great person she is when not wearing skates on her feet.

    One quality that separates Reilly from the rest, is her absolute dedication to the game, and her strive to continue the success that the Mirage have seen over recent years. According to the Duluth News Tribune story on Fawcett, she could be almost ready to walk out the door after practice, have a few of the younger girls on her team come up to her asking to go rink rat outside for a little bit and there was no chance Reilly would turn that opportunity down.

    When Reilly found out she received the All-Area award she was very honored to be named the top player in the Northland. By receiving this award it just put a capstone on her career as a high school hockey player.

    Reilly would like to thank her parents, teammates, and coaches for making her into the daughter, player, and person she is today. 

Junior High Track Starting
Junior High practices will be Monday through Thursday with meets on Thursdays.  There is no practice on Friday's.  Fee is $50 and is due FIRST WEEK of practice.  Checks should be made out to CFE (Community and Family Education).  Practices are from 3:25 to 4:45.  Athletes should meet in the gym to start practice.  Lockers are/will be available from your coaches.  If you have any questions please contact AD Rory Johnson at 628-4925 ext 1029 or Coach Tanner Hall 628 - 4926 ext 1081.



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